STS815 - Marking module for labels

Label roll diameter
< 200 mm.
Label / roll width
25 - 150 mm.
Printer positioning left-right
+/- 60 mm.
Printer positioning forward-backward
+/- 80 mm.

Price: 1900 €

The gist:

The STS815 is an optional module for labeling machines that can be used to mark a pre-printed label. The STS815 printer is inkjet type, with quick-drying printing. The color of the ink can be black, blue, red and white. Positioning the print on the label is done manually by moving the printer to the desired print location. Easily and quickly print variable information such as date, production code, serial number, barcode, QR code and more. STS815 is optional module for STS810 or STS808 labeling machines.


With the STS815 you can print various variable information at the moment before applying the label on the product. STS815 marking module can be connected to any of our labeling machines, which allows you to mark the label immediately before labeling. The label roll is placed on the back of STS815 marking module and the label strip passes to the labeling machine. The printer is easy to use and gives a lasting impression. The printer software has pre-prepared barcode, QR code, date and other template data that can be easily changed to suit your needs.


Features Description
Physical features
Dimensions 280 mm, 550 mm, 520 mm
Container diameter n/a
Container length n/a
Label roll diameter <200 mm
Label roll core diameter 76mm
Electrical features
Power supply 100 – 240Vac, 50 – 60Hz.
Electrical connection Cable type SHUKO
Own consumption < 100 VA
Label/roll width 25 … 150mm
Label length 25 … 500mm
Gap between labels > 2.5 mm. (recommended 4 mm.)
Tape speed n/a
Weight 21 kg.
Color Gray (metalized)


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