Dosing machines

Diktech company offers  semi-automatic dosing machines for liquids and creams manufactured by STS Electronics. They are 2 types according to the type of pump and their application:

with diaphragm pumps designed for dosing clean liquids of low viscosity;
and with gear pumps - for filling thick fluids with high viscosity.

Many of our company's customers buy them because of their speed and easy setup. The machines are affordable and are the perfect solution for their small and medium businesses.view more

Dosing machine speed

By purchasing STS dosing machines, you will automate your production capacity and will be able to produce between 450 - 600 pieces / hour.

Our STS 809 and STS812 dosing machines are dosing liquids such as oil, olive oil, rare lotions, micellar water, rose water, lavender water, wine and many other cosmetics, chemical and food products.

The STS 811G and STS813G models are preferred by manufacturers of shampoo-like thick liquids and cream-like products, with which they successfully dose their shampoos, hair conditioners, hand creams, body creams, disinfectant gels and more.

Diktech Ltd. is the official representative for the Balkans of Fill Systems GmbH. Fillogy dosing machines are extremely precise and fast. With them products with different viscosities and temperatures can be dosed. Thanks to this we can meet the needs of all our customers.

Fillogy machines are modular, which allows customers to purchase different pumps for one base and thus dispense both rare and dense products on the same machine. With these machines you can dose products with a temperature of 2 to 95 degrees. There are special pumps that allow you to dispense products with pieces in them - for example, yogurt with fruit.

Fillogy gear pumps handle even the thickest products - You can dose various products such as cottage cheese, tahini, honey, shampoos, lotions and much more.

All Fillogy machines meet the requirements of the food and cosmetics industry. 

When buying a FIllogy machine, you can extend it with an automated rotating table, which will ensure even higher production speed.

We also offer a special Nassenheider machine for dosing honey and other bee products.