STS808 - Labeling machine for cylindrical containers

Max. roll diameter
200 мм.
Max label width
150 mm.
label roll core diameter
76 mm.
up to 800 pcs./hour
All color label printers

Price: 1400 €

The gist:

The semi-automatic labeling machine STS808 is an affordable and professional solution for precise and fast labeling on cylindrical containers with smooth walls. The machine can work in the mode of gluing one or two labels (face-back, symmetrical). The reading of the label with an ultrasonic label sensor makes it possible to work with any combination of the label - base, including transparent base with transparent label.


STS808 is a semi-automatic labeling machine designed for gluing self-adhesive labels on a roll on cylindrical containers. Suitable for affixing labels on wine bottles, jars of honey, tahini and other cylindrical vessels with a diameter of 1 cm to 16 cm. The machine can affix front and rear labels if they are printed on the same roll. The speed is between 450 – 800 pieces / hour, depending on the fast action of the operator, the diameter of the vessel and the length of the label. The machine is extremely easy and quick to set up. Before starting the work process, it is necessary to train the label sensor on your labels. Two parameters are also set, which depend on the length of the label and the diameter of the container. There is also a counter with which you can monitor the amount produced. The ultrasonic label registration sensor allows you to work with almost any combination of labels and base – transparent labels on a transparent base, metallic or even reflective labels.


Wine bottles, cans, jars Symmetrical applying of front and back label Start with button or foot pedal Fast and precise labeling
Features Description
Physical features
Dimensions 365mmW, 245mmH, 330mmD
Container diameter 20 – 160 mm.
Container lenght  80 – 240 mm.
Label roll diameter  <200 mm.
Label roll core diameter 76 mm.
Electrical features
Power supply 100 – 240Vac, 50 – 60Hz.
Electrical connection Cabel SHUKO type
Own conspumption < 100 VA
Label / roll width  25 – 150/170 mm.
Label length  25 – 500 mm.
Gap between labels > 2.5 mm (4 mm. recommended)
Tape speed n/a
Weight 13 kg.
Color Blue,White,Black

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