STS810 - Labeling machines for flat containers

Max. container height
25 - 200 mm.
Max container width
120 mm.
Max. roll diameter
200 mm.
Max roll core diameter
76 mm.

Price: 2500 €

The gist

The semi-automatic labeling machine STS810 is designed for precise and fast applying of labels on flat containers with regular and irregular shapes with smooth walls. For the most irregular shapes, molds are also available, in which the container is placed and guarantees immobility and accuracy when applying. The label is detected by means of an ultrasonic label sensor, which makes it possible to work with any combination of label and liner, including transparent labels on a transparent base.


The semi-automatic label applicator STS810 is designed for applying labels on various types of plastic or glass flat containers with soft or hard walls. The containers are placed on the platform, you press the start button or pedal and the machine automatically sticks the label. Easy adjustment for the position of the label. The machine has a built-in ultrasonic sensor, thanks to which you will be able to work with all combinations between label and liner- paper, metal, polypropylene, transparent labels. The machine is designed for containers with oval or flat walls. If the shape is irregular, a mold can be used, which is mounted to the platform and your product is placed in it, which guarantees perfect accuracy(0.8-1mm.). Depending on the height of the labeled object, the machine arm can be raised and lowered. The force of the impact with which the machine sticks the label can also be controlled, which makes it possible to label objects with extremely thin walls. It is even possible to glue without any pressure. STS810 is an affordable and professional solution for labeling rectangular or irregular glass bottles / jars. Many of our customers use it to label plastic bottles with irregular shapes for detergents. It is suitable for labeling on plates or directly sticking the label on a product such as cheese, yellow cheese and others. A common application is the labeling of caps in the cosmetics industry or cardboard packagings.


Features Description
Physical features
Dimensions 400 mm. (W) x 300 mm. (H) x 680 mm. (D)
Label field  100 mm (H) х 190 mm. (D)
Container/Object height  25 mm. до 200 mm.
Label roll diameter <200 mm
Label roll core diameter 50 mm. to 76 mm.
Electrical features
Power supply 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Electrical connection Cable type SHUKO
Own consumptions < 100 VA
Label / roll width 25 … 120 mm.
Label length  35 … 210 mm.
Gap between labels  > 2.5 mm ( 4 mm. recommended)
Tape speed 0,1m./sec
Tray speed 0,1m./sec
Weight:           23 kg.

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