Labelling machines

Labeling machines can stick roller labels on cylindrical and flat containers according to the shape of your packaging.

Many of our customers choose the STS808 and STS810 models because of their speed, easy setup and compact size. Both machines are affordable and are the perfect solution for their small and medium businesses.

Speed of labeling machines

By purchasing one of our labelling machines, you will automate your production capacity and will be able to produce between 450 - 600 pieces/hour. A big advantage is that our machines do NOT work with minimum quantities. This way you will be able to be very flexible, producing 1 piece or 4000 pieces per day. For your convenience and accountability, we have built a counter that shows the number of containers you have labeled.view more

Easy setup
One of the most important advantages of our machines for gluing roller labels on bottles or other containers with a similar shape is that their setup takes only a few minutes and does not require long and thorough operator training, as is done with other brands of labeling machines.

The glueing process is started by pressing the built-in "Start" button or by an external start pedal connected to the provided coupling. This will further optimize your process, as the operator's hands remain free to handle and change the vials to be glued faster.
The menu is in Bulgarian and English and can be changed according to the client's wishes.

Additional advantages of our labeling machines are the ultrasonic sensor, which allows the customer to use even transparent labels for their products; as well as the microcontroller, which makes it possible to stick 2 labels symmetrically to each other (face-back).

Compact size of the labeling machine

Most of our clients have a start-up business, and have restrictions on work space and / or premises. Therefore, they are looking for machines for gluing labels that do not take up space and are easily portable. This was the main reason for the idea of designing our labeling machines to be compact in size. Our models STS808 and STS810 weigh from 13 to 23 kilograms; which makes them suitable for placement in shops, small workshops, laboratories, and even at home. Buying our products, you will become fully mobile in the ever-changing market conditions.

Support and warranty

The above-mentioned machines are easy and cheap to maintain, and have a 12-month warranty and service at our factory.

Diktech offers and has in stock the following spare parts for the above labeling machines:

Ultrasonic sensor UDST87I41CL for tracking labels;
Rubber shaft for labeling machine STS808;
Power cable
Start pedal

Industrial applications:

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Construction
  • Pharmacy
  • Private label production

The most common products labeled on our machines are: rose water, lavender water, wine, oil, olive oil, creams, shampoos, micellar water, alcohols, food additives, liquid yeast, construction primers and chemicals, medicines, tahini, honey and others.

In case you are a start-up brand or want to increase the speed of your production processes, please contact our team to advise you on the best solution for your business, as well as to recommend other products such as dosing machines that can complement and improve the efficiency of your production even more.