Фонова снимка - линии продукти

Frequently Asked Questions

Labeling machines

The speed of the machine is related to two factors. First, the smaller the diameter of the container, the less time it takes to stick the label. Second, the machines are semi-automatic - the containers are placed and removed by hand, which depends on the speed of the operator. From our experience we establish the following limits of machine capacity - 400 - 600 pcs./hour.

The sensor we decided to install in the machine is ultrasonic. The technology allows it to read the label contactless, which implies 0% depreciation. The sensor is effective for another reason. The ultrasonic principle of operation measures the differences in the thickness of the label and the label (empty space, where only the base is). This allows you to work with any combination/label/base design. Even a transparent label on a transparent basis.

The machine can also be operated with conical bottles/vials. A label of a suitable arc must be printed in advance.

You can work with all cylindrical packaging - bottles, bottles, jars, PVC bottles with a diameter of 25 mm. - up to 160 mm.

To be able. The machine has a microcontroller that allows you to stick two labels and calculates their location to be symmetrical on the dish. The two labels can be in different shapes and sizes, as long as they correspond to the process of reading the label. For your convenience, it is to be printed on one roll, in a face-back sequence or vice versa.

Labels must be printed on a roll. An important condition is that the distance between the labels is> 2.5 mm. and the spool diameter should be> 76 mm. For more information, see the page of the machine you selected.

STS dosing machines

The speed is determined by the volume you dose and the speed at which you change the bottle. Depending on the machine you choose, we have one for small volumes (3.5 l / min in water) and one for large volumes (10 l / min in water).

Our machines are divided into two series - for thick and rare liquids. We have machines for dosing cream, shampoo and other similar viscosity cosmetics. Also on our machines are dosed rose water, lavender water, micellar water, oil, olive oil, mineral water. Some of our customers use our machines in the field of pharmaceuticals.

The error that our machines make is less than 1 ml. An important condition to maintain perfect accuracy is to control the level of the container from which you suck. This can be done in several ways. We can offer you an option with level monitoring from an ultrasonic sensor, level monitoring with capacitive sensors, level monitoring with level meters. You can learn more about these products at www.stselectronics.eu

We have tried to use the most durable products possible, which are suitable even for working with aggressive mixtures. The fluid touches the silicone hoses, the silicone valves of the pump and some components made of plastic. The silicone material of both the hose and the pump is very resistant to temperature and aggressive mixtures. The body of the machine is chrome-nickel, which will not lead to birth and is suitable for food.

The machine has 2 parameters that can be adjusted. Time and speed. We decided so because our customers can fill radically different in viscosity and consistency products with 1 machine. Initially, you make several attempts to see at what speed and at what time you achieve the desired volume. You can then save these settings in 8 programs, which you can access at the touch of a button - this gives you easy access to the product you want to dose. You can use these programs not only for different products but also for different volumes of the same product. For example, you can save 100 ml on the first program and 500 ml on the second

Up to 80-85 °C