STS812 - filling machine for rare liquids

Pump capacity
10 L/min. (water based)
Pump type
Membrane (diaphragm) from sylicone

Price: 560 €

The gist:

The STS812 dosing machine is designed for filling rare liquids with a maximum viscosity similar to that of olive oil. The capacity of the pump is 10 l / min. in water. The filling is done by means of a diaphragm pump. No deaeration is required. The inlet hose is 1.20 m long and the outlet hose is 0.80 m long. There is a non-return valve at the outlet.


STS812 is a small and compact dosing machine that works with a diaphragm pump with a capacity of 10 l / min. in water. The machine has a 1.20 m inlet silicone hose and a 0.80 m outlet hose that ends with a non-return valve. The dose is adjusted by setting two parameters – working time and speed. It is experimentally tested at what time and at what speed the machine will dose the desired volume. Thanks to these two parameters you can control the foaming and air cavities in the product by adjusting the speed for narrower vessels or the time for more viscous ones. The maximum density of the product that you can fill with this machine is similar to oil / olive oil. The machine is designed to fill rare liquids. STS812 can also run in cyclic mode as the machine automatically starts pumping then waits for the set pause and starts pumping again. The housing is chrome-nickel. The software has memory to store 9 products / doses that can be quickly selected.


Features Descrtiption
Physical features
Dimensions  275 mm x 130 mm x 350 mm
Weight 6.4 kg.
Filling hose stand size 2 х 300 mm.
Input hose length (before pump) 1200 mm.
Output hose length (after pump) 800 mm.
Power supply 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Electrical connection Cable type SHUKO
Own consumption < 150 VA
Dose counter 0000……..9999
Suction valve diameter 28 mm.
Stored programs 10
Working time / Pause time 00.01…………99.99 seconds
Pump speeds 9

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