Принтер за пликове и опаковки Диктех
CP950 Printer for envelopes and packages
April 22, 2020
Разролващо/Навиващо устройство за етикети
XL Unwinder/Rewinder
May 3, 2020

SMR-IL Machine for cutting and removing waste

7 628,00 BGN

For optimal roll printing of small roll labels

The SMR-IL model has a built-in label and slot rewind, which also removes the waste matrix on the label. This industrial quality accessory is specially designed for industrial color printers L901 / L901 Plus and is ideal for small or thin labels and / or full-color designs.

The available labels can be created with smaller labels repeatedly up (2 or more in a row) and then cut down to separate as ready rolls, for labelling by hand or on an automated machine. By cutting your printed labels, you are also able to reduce printing time and use more than the width of your printhead, helping to maximize its output.

SMR-IL makes it easy to print full-colour designs, even at high speeds. When the waste mold can be left during printing and then removed, the ink stays off the line and your prints have a perfect end-to-end colour. No smudges or blank edges due to inconsistencies.

  • Perfect for full color labels and designs
  • Slit many rolls easily and conveniently
  • Works in line with L901 printer
  • Massive industrial design


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