Машина за пълнене на течни продукти Диктех Fillogy
Liquid S - Machine for filling liquid products
September 29, 2020
L301 Tri-Colour Ink
October 20, 2020

Liquid M - Machine for filling liquid products

Dosing/filling machine for liquid products such as:
• oil, vinegar and spirits
• juices, smoothies and beverages (non-carbonated)
• milk, liquid yogurt, sauces and dressings
• food supplements
• detergents
• mineral oils
• liquid fertilizers
Main application: filling of containers with sizes from 2000 ml to 10 000 ml




Technical specification

Customer benefits:
Fast, precise and efficient dosing of products; easy to clean
Operating mode/conditions
Working hours per day: 8
Working days per week: 5
Ambient temperature: 10-40 ° C
Technical data:
Nominal voltage: 24 V DC (220 V power supply included)
Power consumption: 20-110 W
Engine speed: 500-1500 rpm
Dimensions: Width 350 mm x Length 350 mm
Overall height: 700 mm (optional 1000 mm)
Height under the filling nozzle: 10 - 435 mm
Weight: 11 kg (without power supply)
Dosage with step size
• 0,1 ml: 0,1- 49,9 ml
• 1,0 ml: 50,0 – 65, 000 ml
Filling accuracy: Max. 2% deviation
Maximum suction height: 1500 mm
Maximum volume: 20 l/min
Filling temperature: 2-95 ° C
Activation of the filling process:
Foot switch/pedal (included)
From the machine controller (included)
Sensor (optional for rotating table operation)


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