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October 20, 2020
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October 20, 2020

Labeling and dosing machines. It's easy!

Do you want to stick your labels more precisely on your products, saving time or dosing more easily without spilling? We have developed our semi-automatic machines that can provide this for you. Working with them, you will see for yourself that it will take you literally minutes to learn how to set them up and use them.

Labelling machine

The label machine STS808 has a control panel through which you can easily set up the device before you start working with it. The setting of the parameters is reduced to entering the moving time (the additional rotation time after sticking the label) and setting the “offset” parameter (depending on the length of the label and the diameter of the container). For the convenience of our customers, we have developed special free offset calculation software, which can be found on our website. The menu on the control panel is in Bulgarian and English, and the language can be changed at the request of the client. For the convenience of the machine operator, a counter is available to count the number of labels affixed.

Dosing machines

Dosing machines for liquids with low viscosity STS809, STS812 and those for thick liquids STS811G, STS813G also have a control panel. The pre-start setting of our machines requires the adjustment of only 3 parameters - operating time, filling speed and pause time between fillings. All machines have 2 operating modes - cyclic and single, and also have a built-in counter that counts the number of charges. The device is driven by a pedal, allowing the worker to operate with both hands during dosing.

The pump on the STS809 and STS812 dosing machines is alkali-acid protected, and the suction branch of the system starts with a fine filter, preventing the dosing of unwanted particles in your finished products. The inserted silicone hoses are certified and meet the requirements of the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration worldwide. This on the one hand ensures compliance with the hygienic requirements when operating the hoses, and on the other hand, allows the machines to dose fluids with a temperature of 10 to 55 degrees.

The dispenser stand is movable and allows the operator to easily adjust it to the height of the container he is filling. Thus, each customer with different product containers can quickly and easily adjust the height of the stand before starting the dosing process.

Both machines are very light, have a small and compact size, thanks to which you can easily move them to a convenient place for you. They are made of chromium-nickel housings, which makes them extremely suitable for operation/application in the sectors of cosmetics, food industry, pharmacy, chemistry and others.

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